Research and Development Products of CBSS

The Center for Basic Space Science (CBSS) through the Instrumentation Division, headed by Engr. Lanre Daniyon,  has embarked on aggressive indigenous instrumentation development. This is geared towards evolving appropriate space technologies to support research and other critical sectors that drive the Nigerian economy. These indigenous efforts have yielded lots of results and many newly developed products. It is worthy to note that the management of CBSS, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. B.I. Okere has embarked on an aggressive expansion of research facilities to enhance product development and research capabilities.  His amiable efforts are demonstrated in some of the newly acquired facilities for instrumentation. Ongoing instrumentation development is in the areas of, but not limited to Astronomy Instrumentation, Atmospheric Science Instrumentation, Embedded Systems, Sensor Interfacing for diverse applications, Payload Development, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Telemetry Systems, Control and Automation systems, Physical/life Science Instrumentation and others. Branded / Customized instruments are also available upon request. Below is the picture gallery of the following products: 

(i) Environmental , pollution and soil monitoring station(EPSM) , (ii) Solar powered 3-axiz magnetometer with D,H,I components (patented), (iii)  Automated Irrigation System(AIS)(patented), (iv) Infrared Temperature Gun, (v)High Precision GPS device(patent in-view), (vi) Unmanned Ground Vehicles UGV(SERT-X), (vii) Dual Axis Solar Tracker, (viii) Integrated GPS vehicle Tracking and speed limit device, (ix) Intrusion Detection and Alert system(patent in-view), (x) Electronic calender and Timing system, (xi) Range Finder, (xii) Environmental Monitor  and Gas Pollution detector, (xiii) Exponential Horn Antenna for L-band application, (xiv) CBSS Gravimeter, (xv) GPS Atomic Clock system, (xvi) UV/cosmic particle meter, (xvii) Integrated Air quality meter, (xviii) Multiplanetary weight comparator system (xix) Multiplanetary weight comparator software application (xx) Ultra Sonic wind sentry system

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