Research and Development

1.  High Precision GPS Device

·         Portable Four – Dimension Global Positioning System GPS Device.

·         Provides Global Positioning System (GPS) point location information in up to four dimensions.

·         Relays information such as Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and speed.

·         Relays position information in up to eight precision digits.

·         Indigenous software written to optimize precision of the system.

·         Powered by rechargeable Lipo cells with a capacity for long haul tasks.

2. Environmental Monitor and Gas Pollution Detector

·         Multifunctional device that combines the tasks of characterizing the environment with gas pollution level monitoring.

·         Prides on the best of digital sensors to relay accurate information about the environment.

·         Comes in different trims such as standalone, Solar powered, USB powered.

·         For environmental characterization, CO2, CO, LPG, Ammonia etc.


3. Range Finder

·         Unique instrument for digital measurement.

·         Ideal for field works, laboratory measurement and tasks that require high precision digital measurement.

·         Portable, standalone ultrasonic measurement tasks up to five meters range.

·         Displays measurement readings in different units.

·         Powered by rechargeable Lipo cells with a capacity for long haul tasks.


4.    Infrared Temperature Meter

·         Ideal for taking temperature reading of any object – humans, animals, materials or specimens without and physical contact.

·         Powered by rechargeable Lipo cells with a capacity for long haul tasks.

5. Intrusion detection and Alert System

·         Security system for intrusion detection and alert.

·         Detects intrusion in an unauthorized place and sends intrusion alerts (SMS / Calls) to relevant pre-programmed personnel mobile phones for immediate action.

·         An essential instrument for crime deterrent.

6. Environmental, Pollution and Soil monitoring (EPSm) Station

·         An advance automated weather and environmental station.

·         One – stop device for wide scope of environmental characterization.

·         Boasts of about thirteen (13) real time variables covering weather, environment, climate, atmospheric, soil, Gas pollution, GPS, Aerosol etc all in one compact outdoor unit.

·         Advance features of the station include TFT LCD screens for visual display of real time data and simulation results.

·          On – board simulation of real time data, SMS real time data / thresholds to registered phone numbers, location signature on data via GPS system.

·         Direct data push to a dedicated website for authorized public users.


7. Electronic Calendar and Timing System

·         A table top electronic calendar and timing system.

·         A user – programmable system deployable for time automation related tasks by attaching a remote schedule or system to it.

8. CBSS Rover Robot with On – Board Lab

·         Rover with Obstacle Avoidance System (OAS) for autonomous motion.

·         Capability to carry out independent space characterization.

·         On – Board Laboratory for result Analysis & Modelling.

·         Transmits real – time results via RF over a range of 3km to a remote server.

·         Capability for adaptation for Civil, Military or Science/ Research missions.




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