We conduct a broad program of research in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Solar Physics, Planetary Science, Fundamental Physics and Instrumentation in order to drive frontline research in Astronomy, Space Science and Technology. Furthermore, individual investigations address issues such as: Study of Stellar Astrophysical Transients, Asteroseismology, Solar Physics (Helioseismology), Near-earth Objects Search, Planetary Science Research and Exo-planetary Science Studies (which planets outside our solar system may harbour life). Again, it is important to note that observing photons, particles and gravitational waves enables researchers to probe astrophysical objects and processes in order to understand their physical properties, evolution and dynamics over time. Through these, we develop theoretical models, design hardware/software and experiments in order to evaluate the observational data acquired, interpret results, test theories and then publish conclusions drawn from our research. Finally, the Division also conducts education and public outreach programs about astronomy projects and how it can be used to drive sustainable development.

Below are the departments under the science division of CBSS; 

1. Radio Astronomy

2. Instrumentation

3. Planetary Science

4. ICT

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