Planetary Science Division

With instruments such as SID and GPS, CBSS carry out research and studies with focus on Earth’s relationship with other planets in our solar system as  an essential stepping stone for exploring the wider Universe. They also study the Asteroids and other near-earth objects in our solar system.


  1. An Algorithm for Determining Aerosol Particle Sizes over Bright Surfaces from MODIS. “This research aims at developing an algorithm for determining aerosol sizes from MODIS over bright surfaces.”
  2. Multi Decadal Variation of aerosol loading over sub-Saharan West Africa. “This study aims to determine the aerosol loading trend over West Africa using data from NASA AERONET data.”  The temporal scale of the research will be from 1998 – 2020
  3. Effects of Covid-19 on GHGs and its Decade Anomaly over Nigerian Industrial Cities. “The aim of this study is to understand the effects COVID-19 lockdown on greenhouse gas emission over the major cities in Nigeria.”
  4. Vanishing & Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations (VASCO) Project. “The West African Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (WA-ROAD) and the NASRDA-Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS) had been participating in the VASCO citizen space science. The project was designed by Dr Beatriz Villarroel a Nordic Fellow at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Sweden.

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