The Mandate of CBSS

The development of skills and knowledge of researchers through  training and retraining of personnel. Enhancement of international collaboration with other Centres with similar interests, in well-defined projects, in such a way that Nigerian Scientists and Engineers must ab-initio be involved in the development process. Promotion of the introduction of Astronomy into the curricular at all levels of our educational systems. Design, fabrication and patent space technology instruments and products, and appropriate hardware and software. Promotion of outreach and awareness programs capable of exciting young minds and disseminating to the general public the tremendous benefits derivable from Space Science and Technology. Encouragement of relevant activities in other Centres to provide the much-needed physics education required for a thorough understanding of studies and problems in other areas of space science applications. To serve the distinct advisory and policy-making – roles to governmental and non-governmental agencies.

The Vision Statement of CBSS

NASRDA-Center for Basic Space Science is envisioned to play strategic role in the development of Space Science and Technology as a driving force and engine of economic growth and as a major ingredient for human resources and infrastructural development.

The Mission Statement of CBSS

The mission of NASRDA-Center for Basic Space Science is to carry out studies, research and development in Basic Space Science, nationally (Nigerian Universities and Research Institutes) and internationally (other world Space Agencies) for the benefit of Nigeria, Africa and the entire World.

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